Too Early to Checkin? Get Luggage Pick Up and delivery direct to your Airbnb
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Book in your luggage and add room service
Just Add how many bags you want us to pick up and store and if you don’t want the hassle of shopping for those essential groceries, chose one of our organic guest packs, all delivered to your airbnb on checkin.
Early Arrival, Meet your Porter and Store with us
Our Guest Porters are ready to take your bags on arrival into London’s main Railway stations. They will receipt and security tag your bag and store at our central London Bag store ready for your checkin
Take in the City, explore ahead of checkin
Don’t waste your first day. With luggage freedom, enjoy and explore London or get to that all important business meeting without bag hassles.
Checkin and Get Delivery of your Bags with Room Service
When you’re ready to checkin, one click gets your luggage and room service delivered to your Airbnb within one hour.
Register your details with us to offer your guests luggage-free early arrival
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